sábado, 30 de outubro de 2010

Para Rick, George, Marco, DK, Louie, Celso Piratta, Paulo Francisco, Blondie, todos os meus amigos jazzófilos

Ma-ra-vi-lho-sa Shirley Horn, capítulo à parte na história do jazz. Ela deve com certeza cantar no Paraíso.

A Time for Love (Johnny Mandel / Paul Francis Webster)

A time for summer skies
For hummingbirds and butterflies
For tender words that harmonize with love

A time for climbing hills (no way!)
For leaning out of windowsills
Admiring daffodils above

A time for holding hands together
A time for rainbow coloured weather
A kind of make believe that we've been dreaming of

As time goes drifting by
The willow bends and so do I
But all my friends whatever skies above
I know a time for spring
A time for fall
But best of all
A time for love


me descola Return to Paradise? E Beautiful Love, com mylove Toots? So love those too!
Desativado o embedamento de ambas no U2b. Rats!  ~~ ,'(

6 comentários:

  1. me aguarde, minha vingança será "malíguina"...

  2. Wow! Thanks my dear.
    Be well.
    CL ;)

  3. Good. Inspiring is beyond my humble intentions.

    Be well yourself, thanx

    Big hug, dear.

  4. San, what a beauty!
    For me, jazz is a state of the soul (who is also music).
    It calms me, makes me zen.
    It's music for dreaming.
    A good way to forget
    Lula and co.

  5. Yeah! You're right.

    I've been immersed in jazz since this corruption frolic got this unbearable.

    Hate the state of things so much, God!
    Sick about it.


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