segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010

Para Mr. Carroll. Meio ridiculinho, com voz fake de criancinha, por isso mesmo acho que vai gostar. Watch the Teddy bear (that one, ok?).

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  1. So, beloved, don't flee away from it! Remember the Eggman can see far through the Looking Glass!

  2. Night and day
    I know what you say
    Day and night
    I feel this way
    Since our first sight
    You know why
    And so do I
    Night and day
    Day and night

  3. Yes, but he can walk on it too!

  4. Mr. Lewis... how extremely cute.

    Your talents have no boundaries.

    Amazing, amazing, c'mon!

  5. This yearning, burning, inside of me... (como é que se fala onomatopéia em inglês, San, my dear??)

  6. "Using words that imitate the sound they denote"? Onomatopoeia, Ricky dear?

    But is this what you're really talking about? Something tells me otherwise... ;)


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