quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010

Thanks & welcome

 Ivan Justen

Envy Ivan Just Ten
Everyone grows old
Everyone but Just Ten
Ten candles ten flames
On his bday cake
Ten and ten again
Forever a young man
He is always zen
He is Ivan Just Ten  

4 comentários:

  1. Very nice, extremely nice
    of you, oh, dear and nervous San:
    never tremble, never worry,
    you will always have this glory:
    I will always be your fan -
    days and nights, ou de manhã,
    trust the young and velho Ivan,
    oh, my dear Nervosa San...

  2. I'm loving it, dear old young Ivan, THE Terrible.

    My turn to say thanx again (is this any kind of match? haha). Gonna post it.

    So amusing, isn't it? Having a great time.

  3. Legal que chegou aos CINQUETONA e ficou FELIZ!

  4. A gente está falando de um cara, o Ivan. Com cujo sobrenome Justen, eu fiz uma brincadeira, chamando-o de Just Ten, tipo, Ivan Só Dez.


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