terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2010

To my jazzy friends

Maravilhosa Alberta. Grande humor nessa peça, adoro!

My Handy Man
(Andy Razaf / Eubie Blake)

Whoever said a good man is hard to find
Positively, absolutely sure was blind
I've found the best man there ever was
Here's just some of the things that my man does

Why he shakes my ashes, greases my griddle
Chimes my butter and he strokes my fiddle
My man is such a handy man (oh yes he is)

He threads my needle, creams my wheat
Heats my heater and he chops my meat
My man is such a handy man

Now I don't care if you believe it or not
He's so good to have around
And when my furnace gets too hot
He's right there and turns my damper down

Why for everything he's got a scheme
You oughta see that new stuff he uses on my machine
That man is such a handy man (he's God's gift girls)

Why he flaps my flapjacks, cleans off my table
Feeds my horses out in my stable
That man is such a handy man, mmm yeah

Sometimes he's up long before the dawn
Busy trimmin' the rough edges off my front lawn
Yeah that man is such a handy man

Why you know he never has a single word to say
No, not while he's working hard
And I wished that you could see the way
He handles my front yard

Yeah you know my ice don't get a chance to melt away
Cause he sees that I get that fresh piece every day
My man, my man is such a handy man
And I ain't kiddin'!

8 comentários:

  1. She ain't got a man but a robot (and he doesn't sing)!

  2. San, Alberta rules! I was lucky enough to be wandering in Greenwich Village, back in 1982, when at University Place,around NYU,discovered that little bar where she was singing with her trio. I got in, and had such an unforgettable trip. God bless!!!

  3. San,
    She sang and performed in brothels for Al Capone and Eisenhower. She traveled the world, sang in London and recorded with Louis Armstong and Duke Ellington. Then she disappeared from the music and worked as a nurse for twenty years serving patients who had no idea who she was.Great woman!
    A beautiful voice!

  4. Como não sou "poligrota", nem adepto dos tradutores da Net, vou aqui dizer em bom portuga: "gosto de tudo interpretado por esta Alberta".
    Minha nota para ela é DEZ!!!!

  5. Louie,
    c'mon! Alberta's man is the man!

  6. Celso,
    yeah, Alberta rules.
    And besides being such a talented musician, are you a lucky man or what?

    I envy you dear, you know that.

  7. Bia, my blonde friend
    sim, grande mulher, grande intérprete, grande voz!
    Uma criatura abençoada, adoro!

  8. Cirito,
    gostas de tudo o que é bom, pois não?
    Ah, guri, tu és mais ligado que rádio de preso!


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